Ashburn Driving School, LLC

Welcome to the Ashburn Driving School!

      The goal of Ashburn Driving School is to equip our students
with the knowledge and experience to become competent and careful drivers
right from the start.

Ashburn Driving School offers both teen driving education and adult driving education
for students who live in and around the Ashburn area.  Our behind-the-wheel
driver instruction classes are regulated and certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles
of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and we are fully bonded and insured, which means
that our students are fully covered at all times when they are driving with us. 

      For students under the age of 19, we offer the DMV-required series of behind-the-wheel
driving lessons and road test; if student passes the road test, we will issue
the DMV-certified 180-day temporary driver's license.  The DMV will then contact
the student and parents to arrange a date for receipt of permanent driver's license. 

      For students under the age of 19 who have obtained their learner's permit but who are not yet ready to begin their formal behind-the-wheel program, we offer individual one-hour lessons.

      For adult students over the age of 19, we offer individual driving lessons to prepare them
to take the road test at their local DMV office.  DMV will issue their license directly
upon successful completion of this driving test. For more information,
please check out the DMV website at

Lyle Tulloch of Ashburn Driving School is wonderful!  Very thorough, very patient! 
Our daughter got lots of technical practice in maneuvers and
and plenty of road experience.  Lyle keeps meticulous records
and goes over everything with the parents. 
Our daughter is a very good driver,
and I give all the credit to Lyle. --M. P., Reston

We had a great experience.  Our daughter felt very safe
and confident with Lyle. He was also very
accommodating with our schedule.  Feel free to
use us as a reference! -- C. H., Ashburn

We were thrilled to find that a man of integrity
had taken up the mantle of driving
Mr. Tulloch didn't cut corners on instruction.
-- K. R., Ashburn

Contact Us
  Office: (703) 870-1137
Cell: (703) 431-6727
Fax: (703) 859-8026

Ashburn Driving School is licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the Commonwealth of Virginia