Private Lessons and Full Course



Adults and young adults may take private lessons 

to work on a 45-hour log or to learn comprehensive

 road navigation skills

We teach these defensive driving skills and more: 

Steady Recovery of Vehicle

  when Tires Enter Ruts

Cone Course for 

  Steering Control

Braking and 

  Emergency Stopping

Accelerating and Merging

Reference Points and Visual Measurement

Basic and Parallel Parking

Lane Changing and High Speed Highway Driving

Left Turns and U-Turns

Entering and Exiting Four-Way Stops and Traffic Circles

Inclement Weather 

Safety Maneuvers

Foundations for My 

45-Hour Log

Preparation for My 

DMV Road Test

Specific Requests 


Special Situations

Private Lessons may be scheduled throughout the year; 

The one-hour lessons include pick up and drop off 

at the student's home if they live in Ashburn 

and at a local high school otherwise.

Mr. Tulloch will provide an assessment

 of the student's skills after the lesson.

To schedule a Behind-the-Wheel Lesson, 

please call or text us at 


with the name and age of the student. 

We look forward to 

hearing from you!


The full behind-the-wheel course is for students 

who are under the age of 18

For information

Go to Home 

and scroll down to 

A Quick Review

and then call or text us 

at 703-431-6728

to proceed with registration.

We look forward to 

hearing from you!