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Private Lessons and Full Course



Adults and young adults may 

work on any of the following defensive driving skills: 

Dashboard Basics

Brake and Accelerator Pedal Basics

Steering Wheel and Seating Basics

Use of Mirrors and Visibility Basics

Going Forward and Backing Up

Driving Within the Lanes

Reference Points and Visual Measurement

Residential Neighborhood Driving

Lane Changing and Highway Driving

Left Turns, Right Turns, and U-Turns

Entering and Exiting Four-Way Stops

Entering and Exiting Traffic Circles

Inclement Weather Driving

  Rain, Snow, and Ice Preparedness

Steering Control 

Nighttime Driving

Safety Awareness

Driving on Country and Rural Roads

Accelerating and Merging

Parking Lot Driving

Parking in Tight Spaces

Parallel Parking

Foundations for the 

  45-Hour Log

Completing the

  45-Hour Log 

Off-Road Recovery:

  Bringing Car Back onto Road

  Without Overcorrecting

  When Tires Get Caught in Ruts

Cone Course for 

  Steering Control

Braking and 

  Emergency Stopping

Preparation for the 

  DMV Road Test

Specific Requests  

Special Situations

The one-hour lessons include pick up and drop off 

at the student's home if they live in Ashburn 

and at a local high school otherwise.

Mr. Tulloch will provide an assessment

 of the student's skills after the lesson.

To schedule a lesson, 

please call or text us at 


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The driver's ed course is for 

students under 18.

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A Quick Review

We look forward to 

hearing from you!

Lyle and Cathy Tulloch

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