Ashburn Driving School Testimonials

Let us share them with you!

               Stop searching, you have found the best in the business!  Mr. Tulloch  taught our first son how to drive two years ago, and he benefited  greatly from Mr. Tulloch's calm, reassuring demeanor.  He was taught  many defensive driving techniques and how to stay safe on the road. Two  years later, our son is an excellent driver with an impeccable driving  record! I was searching for Mr. Tulloch for our second son who will now  be fortunate to learn with Ashburn Driving School!   --Jovana P.,  Ashburn

           I could not be happier with my experience with Lyle and Ashburn Driving  School. I hired him to do a series of private lessons and behind the  wheel with my son. He is thorough, honest, patient, and was truly  committed to preparing my son for one of the most important  responsibilities there is. He is a pleasure to work with and gave my son  many tools and tricks that I was not in a position to provide. He is a  true professional and I highly recommend him.     -- Jane J., Leesburg

           Lyle is the best. Two of my children have received their licenses  through Ashburn Driving School and my husband & I are much more  assured of their safety because of it. When our older children took  similar classes, we never got the impression that either instructor took  the obligation seriously. Lyle wants the teens to be safe &  responsible drivers for everyone's safety. I truly think that insurance  companies should offer discounts to those who have completed their  driver's training through Ashburn Driving School. It's that good!     --Barbara C., Ashburn

           I was looking for a trustworthy and reputable instructor to prepare my  daughter for the driving test.  She took the requisite driving course in  high school and we drove together for many hours. Not being an  instructor, I wanted someone to assess her driving skill and knowledge  to cover areas I missed. After numerous futile attempts contacting other  driving schools, I came across Ashburn Driving School and immediately  received the care and attention I was searching for. Most refreshing was  their attention to the training my daughter needed vs. trying to sign  her up for a specific program.  She only received the training she  needed (3 lessons) and passed the driving test the same day she received  her 3rd and last training lesson. My daughter found Lyle's approach to  training to be very thorough and unintimidating. I highly recommend  Ashburn Driving School to others.    --Jim F., Ashburn

           Mr. Tulloch was EVERYTHING we had been looking for to guide our  daughter through the required driver training. Our area is already  rather intimidating for many drivers, especially new and young drivers.  Mr. Tulloch's thorough program and first-hand training was so valuable  and it absolutely prepared our daughter to drive the area roadways.  His  method was professional, relaxing and confident! I can almost guarantee  there is NO OTHER DRIVING SCHOOL that gives the caring attention Mr.  Tulloch and his Ashburn Driving School gives to prepare our precious  children for driving these challenging roads! We now have the confidence  from having our daughter go through the course that she will be much  better prepared for any situation while driving.  Thank you sincerely,  Mr. Tulloch and Ashburn Driving School! TOP NOTCH!   --Steve and Debbi B., Ashburn

          I write very few online reviews, but Ashburn Driving School warrants  it. Our son just completed his training with Lyle, the owner. They were  so professional, and so thorough. Our older son went through a different  school he had found 4 years ago, and I don't think I ever met the  owner/instructor. Lyle came to our home two weeks before our son was  scheduled for his Behind the Wheel. He went over the entire process, and  what was expected. He showed up on time for every behind-the-wheel. At  the end of it, he held him to a 50-point, DMV required test.  Following  that, we had another follow-up meeting where he reviewed our son's  progress throughout the 7 day instruction, in every area of driving, on a  worksheet the DMV legally requires him to keep. He informed us of all  areas he needs to improve. He walked us through the rest of the process,  and told us to contact them if we don't receive the court date within 5  months for our son to get his permanent license. Every step of this  process was impeccable. It was important to us to have an instructor  that would only grant him his license if he was ready and officially  passed the driving portion of the test. There are too many bad,  distracted, reckless, and aggressive drivers around here, constantly  running lights, speeding, and on their phones. Having a legitimate  instructor was important to us, as we have heard so many stories of  other instructors taking the money, not doing all 7 Behind-the-Wheel  lessons, not testing them, not checking the logs...inexperienced drivers  pose a risk to all of us, and I wasn't prepared to put our son on the  road if he poses a risk to himself or others. Ashburn Driving School is  exceptional, and I strongly recommend them to any family who wants to  truly prepare their kids.  --Marissa L., Ashburn 

          I  heard many stories of friends' children doing 2-3 lessons and then  being handed their temp license as they were *ready*.  I knew we wanted  the full lessons we were paying for and to know that our daughter was  getting the instruction that she needed.  Mr. Tulloch meets the family  first (don't you want to know who you are sending your child out with?)  and walks you through every step.  The sessions included off-road,  defensive, etc., and she was always with the same student so she could  observe his efforts.  We feel it prepared her very well and there was NO  cutting of corners.  He does it right.   ---Lisa M., Ashburn