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Ashburn Driving School is a family-owned business founded by Lyle Tulloch, a lifelong resident of Northern Virginia.  He, his wife Cathy, and their four adult children have lived in Ashburn for almost twenty years.  Lyle takes pride in offering the most comprehensive driving program available and considers it his civic duty to provide the highest level of professional training and preparation to each and every one of his students.

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Our Services

Students under age 18: DMV-regulated behind-the wheel course, road test, and DMV-certified temporary license.

     Students age 15.6 to 18 and over: individual one-hour lessons to work on 45-hour driving log or to prepare for road test at DMV.  We also offer extra practice and instruction for licensed teens and adults and refresher lessons for older adults and senior citizens.

License Requirements

Students age 15.6 to 18:  Learner's permit, classroom course, parent safe-teen class, 45-hour driving log, behind-the-wheel course.  Students over age 18:  learner's permit, road test at DMV office.  Classroom and parent safe-teen courses are available in school or online at http://vadriveredu.org/login/index.php and http://www.90minparentteen.org/, respectively.

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