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Ashburn Driving School is a family-owned business founded by Lyle Tulloch, a lifelong Northern Virginian and longtime resident of Ashburn.  We take pride in offering comprehensive behind-the-wheel defensive driving lessons and providing the highest level of professional training  to each and every one of our students, all while meeting and surpassing the requirements of a fully DMV-regulated, licensed, bonded, and insured, driver education school. 

Ashburn Driving School 

gratefully donates ten percent of all revenue to local charities.

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Ashburn Driving School provides behind-the-wheel lessons 

for students under and over 

the age of 18

Over Age 18

and 45-hour Log:

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Under Age 18:

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Over age 18: 

VA Learner's Permit 

or Driver's License 

Under age 18: 

VA Learner's Permit


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