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Ashburn Driving School is a family-owned business founded by Lyle Tulloch, a lifelong Northern Virginian and longtime resident of Ashburn.  We take pride in offering comprehensive behind-the-wheel defensive driving lessons and providing the highest level of professional training  to each and every one of our students, all while meeting and surpassing the requirements of a fully DMV-regulated, licensed, bonded, and insured, driver education school.

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Ashburn Driving School Signature Private Lessons  

are being provided in response to the many calls we receive from the students themselves, or the parents whose sons and daughters have obtained 

their licenses, yet 

(a) believe there are many skills which still need to be learned, or

(b) wish to take foundational lessons to begin their 45-hour log.

Mr. Tulloch's Signature Private Lessons will cover all the maneuvers, skills, and knowledge that students will need to be ready for the countless hours per day they will spend behind the wheel over the course of their lifetimes. 

The parent and student may request either separate or combined Signature Private Lessons  from the following options:

Off-Road Recovery


Cone Course for 

Steering Control


Braking and 

Emergency Stopping

Accelerating and Merging

Reference Points and Visual Measurement

Basic and Parallel Parking

Lane Changing and High Speed Highway Driving

Left Turns and U-Turns

Entering and Exiting Four-Way Stops and Traffic Circles

Inclement Weather 

Safety Maneuvers

Foundations for My 

45-Hour Log

Preparation for My 

DMV Road Test

Specific Requests 


Special Situations

Our Signature Lessons may be scheduled immediately and ongoing throughout the year--there is usually not more than a few days' wait. The lessons are one-hour long, with pick up and drop off at the student's home if they live in Ashburn and at a local high school otherwise. 

After the fully instructed lesson, Mr. T. will provide a verbal assessment of the student's skills, and the $110 fee may be paid on an as-you-go basis as for some students, one lesson may be all that is necessary, and for other students, more than one lesson would be required. 

To request a Signature Lesson, please call or text us at 


with your name, age of student, and desired Signature Lesson type.

We look forward to 

hearing from you!

Ashburn Driving School 

also offers 

the under-18 

driver's education 



why "Signature" 

Private Lessons.

Because Mr. Tulloch is the only instructor we know of who provides such an indepth, methodical lesson experience to each and every one of this driving students.  Each lesson carries our commitment to teaching classic defensive driving skills with an awareness of  the student's particular learning style

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For Ashburn Driving School Signature Lessons: 

Students under age 18 

require a VA Learner's Permit.

Students over age 18 

require a VA Learner's Permit 

or a Driver's License. 

For the DMV Course:

Please scroll down to find 

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