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Ashburn Driving School is a family-owned business founded by Lyle Tulloch, a lifelong Northern Virginian and longtime resident of Ashburn.  We take pride in offering comprehensive behind-the-wheel defensive driving lessons and providing the highest level of professional training  to each and every one of our students, all while meeting and surpassing the requirements of a fully DMV-regulated, licensed, bonded, and insured, driver education school.

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Ashburn Driving School offers private behind-the-wheel driver instruction for teens and adults; lessons towards the 45-hour log; preparation for the DMV road test; licensed-driver coaching; and the full DMV-regulated driver's education course.  

What are Signature Lessons? They are lessons which Mr. Tulloch offers individually to students who (a) are working on their 45-hour log--wouldn't it be great to begin the foundation of your student's driving log with five or six foundational lessons from Mr. Tulloch himself? 

(b) have aleady earned their driver's licenses but were not taught time-honored defensive driver skills, and (c) has a permit or license and wishes to take an individual lesson.

-- Gift Certificates Available --

License Requirements


Students over age 18 require a learner's permit and a road test at their local DMV office. 

Students up to age 18 require a learner's permit, classroom course, in-person parent-teen class, 45-hour log, and DMV-certified behind-the-wheel driver education course consisting of seven 50-minute driving lessons plus seven 50-minute observation lessons.  Please see "A Quick Review" below for more details.  


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A Quick Review

Have a question about the process?   This informative list will give you answers!

A Quick Review (pdf)


Office Hours: Monday - Saturday 6:30am - 10pm; Instruction Hours:Monday - Saturday 6:30am - 9:30pm

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